Cake Stacking

Columns or Stacked Cakes

Stacked cakes are when the tiers of cake are one directly on top of the other. These types of cakes are delivered in separate pieces and assembled at the reception site. Each tier of cake is on it’s own separate board and all are supported with dowels cut to size and inserted into the cake. Stacking has been the trend of late. One advantage of stacking the cake is not having any equipment to return.

Columns can add height and drama to any cake, especially those of a smaller serving size. Columns can be 1 ½- 5 inches of separation between the tiers. The separation is ideal for using fresh or icing flowers. The shortest columns can be almost completely covered with flowers if you don’t want them to show. The cake is delivered in separate pieces and assembled at the reception site. No finishing borders are required with a columned wedding cake. It is fully decorated in advance. This makes it possible for the client to pick up the cake. It can easily be assembled and requires no cake decorating experience. If you are on a budget, you can trim a few dollars by picking up the cake and saving the delivery charge. The cake can be picked up the day before the wedding for your convenience. The columns and plastic plates used in this construction may be purchased or returned. A deposit is required if the items are to be returned.

See the "Delivery Options" page for more information.

Column cake with 1.5 inch separation. Just perfect for flowers.

Stacked cake with boards separating each tier.

Traditional column cake with fountain.